Learning agile methods and adding an agile culture is preferable done at work, dealing with normal all the tasks and assignment we are set to deliver. Together with a coach in daily work adjust and learn new ways thinking, challenge to try new ways, observe and learn the change of course will go faster, become closer to needs and make change sustainable.

With Coaching for Agile we are present at site working with you and your teams in daily operations. Continously giving feedback and adding training and facilitation when needed.

Agile – First Encounter

Driving factors for agile.

– What has changed around us to make agile interesting?

– How do we defined agile?

– What are your needs?

Typical activities:

Agile awareness introductions, learning exercises, feedback on major challenges for agile work. Running a *Pilot* team to explore how an agile setup for your organization could work.

Agile – Next step

At site working together

we explore and challenge Teams, Organization and Leaders to enhance and utilize agile and lean further.

Typical activities:

Coaching of managers and leaders for agile cultural behavior.

Following daily work and visualize organizational and cultural impediments. Coaching of Agile Coaches/Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Managers and Teams.

Agile - Not Working (as we want)

People or management or stakeholders

(or all of the above) are getting fed up with ”working agile” (as it’s not working). A reset and jumpstart may be needed.

Together we work our way back to explore the agile benefits while the most important objective is to quick make things work again

Typical activities:

– Why-analysis and re-build on what is working

– Clear out possible misconseptions

– Redefine how to work

– Taylor made a set-up suitable for encountered problem

– Re-visit the Shu level? (Shu-Ha-Ri)