By participating in one of the Leadership Expeditions you and your team will develop and grow together.

Based on experience we have found that small, frequent and concentrated dozes of theory and exercises is a good way to develop relations and mindsets.

Classic set-up is a one-two full day start off-site and then 2-4 meetups with 2-4 weeks in between.

To develop your own ability of being an agile coaching leader

- Self-Leader Expedition

This expedition is focused on individual development into an agile leader mastering team and team-organizations. You can participate in this expedition without collegues.

To take your team on a journey towards high performance

- Team-Being Expedition

This expedition is for one team with the intention to work together. Suitable for both new teams needing a jumpstart, team stuck in issues or team aiming for worldclass.


My favorite spot on earth is the Stockholm North Archipelago and it happens to be perfect place to create teams. Together with Arholma Nord and Fejan Outdoor we arrange off-site sessions on the scale from “Convenient Nature” to “Expedition Experience”.


Conference, Restaurant and Beds at Arholma Nord.

Convenient Expedition

Starting with a barn sleepover, outdoor cooking, kayaking and end up in a Restaurant, Sauna and comfortable beds.
fejanoutdoor – barn


Teamwork to survive.
Sleep in a barn, Kayaking and outdoor cooking.